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  • Tuesday ,10 February 2015

Time of “cute” terrorism

Michael Daniel

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Tuesday ,10 February 2015

Time of “cute” terrorism

We have watched the most horrific video by ISIS burning POW Jordanian Pilot Muath Al-Kassasbeh. Soon, many reactions came out and many people were affected by it. However,  all of us may forget about the most abominable thing seen by many people.

The problem is that many people accepted such scene as a punishment for that “infidel and corrupted man” as they descirbed.

Many people among us support ISIS intentionally or unintentionally making what I call a cute terrorist that has not turned into a real or grown terrorist yet. Such cute terrorists have smart phones and Facebook accounts. They use technology by calls its inventors infidels.

In fact, terrorism is not only measured by bombs, but terrorists can be identified only by supporting terrorism.

In recent attack on Sinai, many people accused our soldiers on Facebook of being deviated and deserve to be killed as they led a military coup against president Morsy. Many of those people also curse Egyptian army and police wishing them destruction. This is indeed another form of the cute terrorists I mentioned above.
If we continue caring only for our economy, without changing the religious discourse, we will continue to raise those terrorists until they are turned into real terrorists with explosive belts and bombs. This may happen in less than ten years.