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  • Wednesday ,04 February 2015

Party leaders: 25 January was a popular revolution

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Wednesday ,04 February 2015

Party leaders: 25 January was a popular revolution
A number of political party leaders said that the 25 January revolution has stalled in achieving its core objectives of freedom and social justice, and that it was kidnapped by the Muslim Brotherhood, but the people returned to the streets in the 30 June revolution to correct the situation.
Since the 25 January revolution, many voices in the Egyptian media have claimed the uprising was a conspiracy; first by forces allied with the Mubarak regime and military who claimed the revolution was stoked by Western powers to allow the Brotherhood to rule Egypt and throw it into chaos. Other theories blame Hamas and other
Wafd Party Honorary President Mostafa al-Tawil said the January revolution succeeded in dropping the Mubarak regime and his symbols of corruption, but brought a catastrophe under Mohamed Morsy. “It was a popular revolution and not a conspiracy like the Brotherhood claims,” he said.
“I think President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will achieve the goals of the revolution after stabilizing the political situation and rooting out terrorism,” he added.
Nabil Zaki of the Tagammu Party said the January revolution did not succeed or fail. “It is still going on, fighting the religious state,” he said. “It is now on the right track.”
Ahmad Fawzy of the Egyptian Democratic Party said the January revolution succeeded in involving citizens in politics after it was confined to a certain few. “It brought the young generation into the scene and created new political parties,” he said. “It also exposed the Brotherhood.”
Shehab Wagih of the Free Egyptians Party said the January revolution has not yet failed, but still has not yet been acheived. “This will happen with the next parliamentary elections,” he said.