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  • Friday ,30 January 2015

Lesson of Christian Unity

Father Asanasius

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Friday ,30 January 2015

Lesson of Christian Unity

Each year at the week of Christian Unity, we see many people who love our lord Jesus Christ. However we don’t expect to reach Christian unity so soon, we know that love can achieve such unity.

This was stated by Pope Francis in the presence of Pope Tawadros when he said that dialogue and love can achieve full unity between Christian churches. He added that such unity may complete through the holy cross, studying the holy bible and prayers.

Pope Tawadros told Pope Francis that he came from 2000 years old church of monasticism and theology, hoping to extend meetings with the two churches aiming for unity.

We believe in one Christ, one bible and one kingdom of heaven. We do have too many things in common.

We look forward to many fruitful meetings that strengthen our spiritual and theological knowledge in order to be able to witness for Christ before the whole world.
This is our way supported by the holy spirit and obtaining open

mind. We should pray and study the holy bible seeking orthodoxy.

Therefore, all theology scholars should benefit from the treasures they have in order to reach freedom of sons of God. There are a lot of things that can be achieved through love, one of them is Christian unity.