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  • Wednesday ,28 January 2015

January 25 marks the end of religious regime

Dr. Mamdouh Halim

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Wednesday ,28 January 2015

January 25 marks the end of religious regime

January 25 will remain milestone and a major turning point in the history of Egypt, even if many people refuse to name it a revolution and even a conspiracy.

Millions of Egyptian people demonstrated in the streets proving the popularity and credibility of the revolution. It has great effect on all levels including religion that it led to the end of the religious era in Egypt, where religion dominated all aspects of Egyptian life since the mid-seventies.  President Sadat encouraged the religious currents in Egypt aiming to eliminate the leftist, communists and Nasserites, pleasing to the American party.

On the other hand, millions of Egyptians moved to work in the Gulf countries, and returned with much money and radical religious ideas as well. Religious leaders with wide fame and influence appeared and played an important role in spreading fanatic ideas in the society.

The religious leaders lost control over the people at the revolution of January 25. The collapse of the Mubarak regime, which represented the top parental authority of the Egyptians, reflected in the minimum parental authorities, including religious authority.

The call for freedom in this revolution represented a revolution against many religious restrictions and clergy. This was the first step in overthrowing the deeply rooted religious system in Egypt.