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  • Monday ,26 January 2015

King R.I.P.

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,26 January 2015

King R.I.P.

Yes since ever a King dies and a successor assumes powers, no one but God lasts forever!

This week is full of events I would like to quickly point to them but in the near future with God’s permission will be writing full articles about!
Death of a King 
I live –as a guest so far- in a Kingdom that long time ago to get my second nationality I had to swear loyalty to that crown, and even without searing not intending to betray any human being King, governor or even from the common people. Queen Elisabeth while in a trip in Africa climbed a tree as a princess, when she come down she was the Queen as history tell us! Now in Saudi Arabia King Abd Allah R.I.P. died living behind a treasure of memories good or bad I’m not the judge, the only thing I’ll recall forever is that he was the First to congratulate temporary president Adly Mansour for the presidency post, the first country to recognise and support the Egyptian Revolution and the first convoy of aids was send by him R.I.P.
Revolution’s Anniversary.
Yes, the stand up of 25th January 2011 that becomes later on the revolution of Egyptians against all wrong doing of over 60 years of the 23rd July 1952. However all errors and mistakes were attributed wrongly to Mubarak excessive stay in power era.
Here I re-iterate Egyptians not conspirators or narrow minded people I’ll be back to this later in this article.
Universal Studies over Terror, Terrorism and its sources.
Resuming the reaction of the terrorist attack in France, the 3rd worldwide power on earth is not Gaza or Iraq neither Syria, this is the country that invaded large portions of Africa and Asia reached to the west up to Americas, stood facing and competing with the force one –then- the united kingdom that the Sun should rise in their Empire somewhere 24 hours seven days a week when that Empire was in its top powers!
Side Note:-I was intending to focus on those studies in my article, studies shows that the most dangerous spots of Qaeda human supplies are in the Triangle Afghanistan, Pakistan and India if not by directly supplying human powers, by spreading human supply recruiters! However, as I need more time to gather statistics and studies I’ll put off this article to another time!
 Back to the Anniversary
Today as I write this it is 25 January the true memorial of events started of 2011, I was away as usual on the period November, December to celebrate with family Christmas, this occasion is a family oriented that requires the union of the family. That year 2010 I left late in December 15th to England where most of the family lives; My neighbours saying good bye and wishing me a safe flight stayed with me until late hours of December 14th as I had an early flight on 15th December I would not sleep that night and we were discussing the fake parliamentarian elections or results, and Jamal Mubarak name come over, I expressed my dislike to the Idea of being the next president after Mubarak, I was very serious though the discussions turned to a sarcastic one for my neighbour and we started exploring the possible candidates!
I was still under the false impression about PhD Baradey and PhD Farouk El Baz names popped as candidates for presidency along with R.I.P. Omar Suleiman as most reliable candidates! We did not reach a conclusion, and I left Egypt with uncomfortable feelings towards its future. 
Soon news spread about the 25th January 2011 stand-up, and almost simultaneously the revolution in Tunis was the headlines! I wished then that 25th January 2011 becomes a revolution, and events followed!
Today is the Day!
Since long time darkness powers try to ignite the unrest in Egypt, we still see coward attacks here and there, bombs diffused or exploded on the diffuser, statements said or attributed to people said it for real or not but will spark comments on the army that is ruling the country and will never let go of this power –heard this on the weak up of Mubarak step down or forced step down by the army as it is said- on BBC news analysis!
I was and still confused about the fact that the Military Council –MC for short- was on non stop meeting discussing  the developments of 25th January events! They remained on meeting till R.I.P. Omar Suleiman announced Mubarak did step down he did not flee the country went to Sharm El Sheikh Residence till he was arrested on the charges that court ruled out! The question here is: - Was this Mubarak free decision or forced to step down and arrested and said he was in his residence? No one ever asked this question, logic states if he was forced, he had more than one chance to expose this upon his trial, or his lawyer could had exposed it but on the other hand a second thought implies that he did not say a word because the deal was to free him later of if he remains silent he did his part they kept their word! 
Really was it a military take over powers?  
Well we need to unify the terms and agree on something:-
1. R.I.P. Nasser was a military officer who ruled Egypt – Did this ruling was as an Army officer?
2. R.I.P. Sadat was a military officer who ruled Egypt – Was he ruling in favour of the Army?
3. Mubarak was a military officer who ruled Egypt – Does it mean the Army is ruling the country?
Answering to all of the above questions with yes means that the Army was in control full control since 1952 so how come a SPY who never really loved Egypt took over –by cheating- powers?
Some military experts say: A well known defensive way to victory is retreat to let the enemy in then the wings will shut the open door trapping the enemy inside living hell! MC let Morsy in to expose the real goals of Devils Brotherhood –formerly known as Muslim Brotherhood- and this is a theory that does not explain: Why ex-marshal El-Sisi had to go though elections and risk his own head taking off Morsy from the sit he STOLE?
To make the long story short as I need to follow the news of this Anniversary I am not a politician expert neither a military one I’m a simple Egyptian that trust his army and police forces as the only security of Egypt!
May God Keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians till the power of Love over comes the love of power and the world finds PEACE; Peace be with you all!