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  • Friday ,23 January 2015

Four Years Progress?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,24 January 2015

Four Years Progress?

It has been four years since the revolution of 2011. Looking back at all this time, I couldn't help but wonder, was it all worth it? 

Egypt has endured crazy tragedy, violence, and heartache since that day of the revolution on January 25, 2011. My issue is, I am one of those people who believe, perhaps mistakingly, that the January 25 revolution was not a revolution of the citizens of Egypt, but a hijacked revolution of Islam. 
Before you are quick to judge me, think about it. After the initial protest in Tahrir, numbers were dwindling, and spirits were falling. Of course, leave it to the pesky Muslim Brotherhood to come in and give false promises and use bribery to get what they want.
It leads me to believe, if the Muslim Brotherhood had not come in and offered their "help" would anything have been done? Furthermore, I believe the majority or protestors were in fact the Muslim Brotherhood who siezed the opportunity to try and take over the interests of Egypt. That of course is why our beloved, Mohammed Morsi, (I say, 'beloved' sarcastically) came into power and destroyed whatever humanity was left in power. 
I believe that January 25th was a waste of the efforts of citizens who had pure intentions. January 25th was a day that was a failure for the majority of citizens. All that was achieved, was an open pathway for the Muslim Brotherhood to come and polute our country.