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  • Friday ,23 January 2015

Egypt earnestly seeking a democracy, Sisi tells Davos

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Friday ,23 January 2015

Egypt earnestly seeking a democracy, Sisi tells Davos

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said Thursday that his country is earnestly seeking a democracy that includes all Egyptians.
Speaking to the 45th World Economic Forum in Davos, Sisi said Egyptians managed to remove “autocratic rule when it deviated from legitimacy,” in a possible reference to his predecessor, Mohamed Morsy, whom he ousted in 2013 following mass protests. 
Davos conference, taking place from 21-24 January, is an opportunity to promote the Egyptian economic summit taking place in Sharm El-Sheikh in March.
Sisi stressed his eagerness to ensure representation for the youth both on the political and economic levels. “More than 50 percent of the presidency’s specialized councils are mainly [composed of] youth and women, and we are seeking to prepare the youths to occupy various state positions,” the president said, maintaining that he described as the past marginalization of the youth will not continue.
The Egyptian president appealed to world investors to work in Egypt, noting that increased investments could help resolve unemployment that afflicts millions of youths. He added that the government’s economic strategy seeks to eliminate unemployment by 2020.
“We have adopted economic measures stimulating local and foreign investors to work in Egypt,” Sisi said in his speech, adding that his government has embarked on a “wise” financial policy by gradually removing energy subsidies for the favor of low-income citizens, as well as reducing the public debt and enacting laws that secure equal opportunity for investors.
The president added that his government seeks to “increase allocations for health and education,” in addition to “resolving disputes between the state and investors” and “developing the transport infrastructure.”
Sisi urged more world cooperation to face terrorism whenever the phenomenon exists. “Islam, with its tolerance and sublime values, cannot be viewed through a bunch of criminal murderers,” the president said, calling upon Muslims to not to allow a minority to tarnish their history... based on incorrect interpretation of Islam. He urged the world, in the same time, to exhibit mutual respect and appreciation of faiths and sanctities.
Middle East Peace Process
The president reiterated Egypt’s bid for a Palestinian state on the lands occupied in 1967, adding that his country still adheres to the two-state solution.
“Before peace between Egypt and Israel, no one could predict peace between both states. This is the message I want to deliver to the world: if we achieve and encourage peace between Palestinians and Israelis, the regional reality will change, stability will be achieved and extremist thought will be blocked.”