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  • Thursday ,15 January 2015

Honor the king, but don't worship him

Father Phelopatir Gamiel

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Thursday ,15 January 2015

Honor the king, but don't worship him

Honoring the King is indeed a Christian behavior, and there are so many verses that support such idea like what was written by St. Paul in his letter to the Romans chapter 13. Such verses were used much by church fathers during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, they forgot such verses when the great Cathedral of St. Mark was brutally attacked.

Now, the same verses are being used to support president al-sisi and exaggerate honoring him that we appear as worshipping him like what a bishop said about the visit of the president to the Cathedral at Christmas eve that Christ appeared in the cathedral when al-Sisi appeared! We shouldn't forget that we hated the Muslim Brotherhood for the same reason as they used religion to support Mohamed Morsy.

Moreover, the bible should stay away from politics and church fathers should mix politics with religion no more.

 I hope the church father stay away from politics as such mixture will harm the simple Christian people and put them in arguments with the Islamists.
In fact I do appreciate the president but I understand he is human being that make mistakes and should not be worshipped. Furthermore, the church is for Christ and nobody should replace him in His church.