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  • Tuesday ,13 January 2015

Why does Egypt violate its constitution?

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,13 January 2015

Why does Egypt violate its constitution?

Al-Nour ultra conservative party is the political reproduction of the Muslim Brotherhood and its representative on the political stage. This was proven as the Islamic party called President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi infidel for visiting the Great Cathedral of St. Mark to congratulate the Copts on their feast at the Christmas eve.

They proved how much hatred they have for Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Those people live in Egypt where they earn their living, but they don't even consider it their homeland. Moreover, they consider the police and army their enemies. They continue to conspire against Egypt, hate its Copts and work to divide Egypt.

Therefore, the Egyptian constitution has banned the establishment of religion based parties, which al-Nour lies at head of this shameful list.

How come the president will meet with this party among the Egyptian parties? This indeed contradicts with Egyptian constitution.