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  • Monday ,12 January 2015

Due Respects

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,12 January 2015

Due Respects

I was planning to pay my respects to our President and Leader Abd El-Fatah el-Sisi for his courageous unprecedented step, to surprise the WHOLE of Egypt with his presence in the Mass Ceremony of Christian Egyptian Christmas that coincides on the 7th of January, he surprised every body and come to the church to be the 1st ever Egyptian President that comes to a celebration life by himself not sending representatives!

However, un-expected events took place last few days in France that I respect and love as I had lived there a few years some time ago and have memories in a lot of places. In my early days as a newly graduated person and was hopping to find a job there, I even had the chance to engage a French young lady but I soon stepped back as I felt I was opportunist trying to get a legal state in France with that engagement, and I would not lie to myself neither any one that I care of.
There in France I noticed over time how treatment changes when people get to know I was Egyptian, they radically changed as they used to think I was Algerian or from Tunis and they were giving the French authorities there real headaches with demonstrations, stand ups, strikes and all kind of problems seeking freedom and independence of their countries! 
It was there in Paris when I first learnt and sow the assassination of R.I.P. Ex-president Sadat, and shortly afterwards, few weeks later I left France back to Egypt!
In fact this civilized treatment to me from French people when they discovered I was Egyptian made me really proud of being Egyptian and of Egypt!   
Police stopped watching Said and Cherif Kouachi
Said and Cherif Kouachi’s faces were unknown to the French public before Wednesday’s terrorist attack in Paris.
But to the French police, they were very well known indeed – and it must have been with despair that the authorities realised that the men they had once watched so closely had been allowed to drop off their radar, slip away, and plot their attacks.
Indeed, both brothers were being watched intently as long ago as spring 2009, according to Le Parisien-French Newspaper-.
Yet French authorities stopped the surveillance in July - just six months before the Paris attacks - because they were deemed to be of low risk.
Photographs shown for the first time yesterday illustrate just how closely the brothers were being followed: police released long-lens surveillance images taken of Cherif by his car in his home district of Gennevilliers, on April 7, 2010, and three days later the police trailed him to Murat, in the Cantal region. He was shown shopping with Djamel Beghal - the jihadist with links to Finsbury Park mosque, and was also photographed in sports clothes, training under Beghal's supervision.
The monitoring of their telephone lines, internet use and movements was stepped up at the end of 2011, when Said returned from a trip to Yemen - where he met Anwar Al-Awlaki, head of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Penninsula.
“But between that date and the summer of 2014, nothing suggested any connection with a radical Islamist movement - neither from their phone calls nor their internet use,” a judicial source told Le Parisien.
“Given the absence of these elements, the surveillance was stopped in order to refocus on other individuals who at that moment presented a higher risk.”
French police have defended that decision, saying that it takes 20 officers to follow one man for 24 hours, and with finite resources they have to choose who to survey. Whoever the question remains: Why take chances with radical Jihadists that proved to be a source of troubles?
He who hosts terrorists must take a test of their terror and this is the last point! United Kingdom P M David Cameron said he would step up security measures in England, that is due of so many radicals and jihadists from political refuges of the countries they were in war with like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan you name it, and all of those refugees belong to Islam and jihadist many of them went to Syria or Qaeda recruiters and ISIS or Daesh, so watch out for next terror attack!
Well the jihadists did it again they spread the terror for 3 consecutive days in France, they assassinated Charlie Hebdo and took hostages in two different places but the whole of Paris went out declaring “Je Suis Charlie” or in I’m Charlie  in solidarity and defiance to terror!
I guess it is time to redefine who is eligible for protection under the act of human rights!
We need as well to define clearly what terrorism is and when a terrorist drops his right for human rights! It is really inhuman to leave individuals under the mercy of a terrorist like that! 
We really need to protect humans from terrorist’s acts!
I rest my case paying all due respects to the victims of that terror attack in Paris, I declare it clear and BOLT JE SUIS CHARLIE in solidarity when France, and before I end my article I must thank our president Abd El-Fatah el-Sisi for his courageous unprecedented step that made happy not only Christian Egyptians but almost all non fanatic Egyptians!
May God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and my wishes for a belated Marry Christmas to Egypt and God Bless you all!