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  • Thursday ,08 January 2015

Western governments

By-Naguib Abadi

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Thursday ,08 January 2015

Western governments

These are the same guys the Western governments have hosted, pampered and financed, now coming back to haunt them. These are the great "believers of democracy" killing to intimidate those who criticize them or differ with them.

They are all the offspring of the Moslem Brotherhood, a world fascist, terrorist organization that openly states that it will only rest when the whole world has been forced into submission to their ideas and distorted beliefs.
In the plans of the West, the Moslem Brothers were to inherit the Middle East. So when Egyptians revolted against them in June of 2013, they called this popular revolt a coup and accused Egypt of human rights abuses.
I hope the West wakes up before the tsunami of religious fanaticism eats up the whole world. There will be no sanctuary.