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  • Tuesday ,06 January 2015

Prosecution demands supervision of NGO-owned nurseries


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Tuesday ,06 January 2015

Prosecution demands supervision of NGO-owned nurseries

The Administrative Prosecution Authority has demanded that two ministries in the government supervise the educational curricula taught at nurseries under NGO management “to prevent false and radical content,” Youm7 reported Sunday.

The direction to put NGOs nurseries under supervision came after the prosecution has received complaints against “false” religious content in some curricula being studied in some nurseries owned by NGOs with religious background. The prosecution ordered an investigation into the complaints, which revealed a lack of an official follow-up to the content being studied at educational institutions that belong to civil associations.
As a result, prosecution head Anany Abdel Aziz sent a memorandum to both the ministries of education and solidarity demanding the review of NGOs’ educational curricula.
A committee assigned by the prosecution to review the books wrote a supplementary report recommending an obligation imposed on NGO-administrated nurseries to receive a license for the books from the Ministry of Education each year.
Thousands of Islamic-affiliated NGOs were subjected to a crackdown by the government and had their assets frozen in 2013, after they were accused of connections with the Muslim Brotherhood group, which was designated as a terrorist group by the end of the same year.
A current trend in Egypt’s official religious bodies is being adopted in order to correct a “wrong” image of Islam associated with the policies of extremist Islamist groups.
An international campaign was launched in December by Egypt’s Dar Al-Ifta, the government-sponsored religious body responsible for issuing fatwas, to fulfill this goal through broadcasting articles, videos, sermons and international visits to European countries.
Dar Al-Ifta has previously denounced the practices of Islamic militant groups in Egypt and abroad.