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  • Tuesday ,06 January 2015

Prime minister signs document to protect Nile River


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Tuesday ,06 January 2015

Prime minister signs document to protect Nile River

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb and other seven ministers and a number of media hosts, journalists and artists signed Monday a document pledging to protect the Nile water.

"In light of the fierce attack against the Nile River which is the lifeline for Egyptians and the gift of their presence, and out of respect for the Constitution of Egypt, to which we all swore and which recognizes the state's commitment to the protection of the Nile River, the preservation of the historic rights of Egypt in the [Nile], [instructs] rationalizing and optimizing the use of [Nile] water and avoid wasting or polluting it, stresses the right of every citizen in enjoying the Nile River and the prohibits violating its sanctity, I declare joining the Nile Guards Committee to protect the river from infringement," read the document.
"I will have a monitoring social role, will follow up the Nile's affairs, join the popular awareness campaign...and I swear not to contaminate or infringe it," the document added.