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  • Friday ,26 December 2014

Memories against retardation

Hind Mukhtar

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Friday ,26 December 2014

Memories against retardation

Take care of Zozo was the movie I watched when I was ten years old. The actress was a belly dancer who used to perform with indecent clothes. However, her mother asked her to wear robe in order to meet a guest who came to visit her.

I asked my father why she should put a rope on if she's used to perform with much less clothes on. His answer showed me his open mind unlike the current generation. He told me that her house is different from the stage. She, as a belly dancer, doesn't have to be indecent in her life.
I wonder how come the open minded generation of my father could only produce a generation that only thinks about sex. Our generation is not only retarded but also undecided.