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  • Thursday ,25 December 2014

International customary reconciliation sessions

By-Ashraf Helmy

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Thursday ,25 December 2014

International customary reconciliation sessions

Customary reconciliation sessions in Egypt succeeded to make fake peace between the Coptic Christians and the Islamists. The Copts are usually wronged and criminals are saved from punishment. Such sessions force the victims to give up their rights and despise the law.

Soon, other Arab countries used these sessions on bigger scale. 
Egyptian governments have defended and supported terrorists of the Salafis and the Muslim Brotherhood. 
When the Egyptian people demonstrated against the Saudi Arabia as it insulted an Egyptian citizen, Field Marshal Tantawy sent an Egyptian delegation to apologize to the Saudi king in a scene that reminded me of the hateful customary reconciliation sessions in Egypt.
Once again, the Egyptian government insulted the Egyptian people and decided to seek reconciliation with the Qatari government under the auspices of the Saudi Arabia.
In the past, Egyptian kings defended the pride of the Egyptians, but our governments now are wasting our dignity and pride. Now, will the Saudi initiative bring good to Egypt or only supports Saudi Wahaibsm that wastes Egyptian dignity and pride.