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  • Wednesday ,24 December 2014

Friendly civilizations

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,24 December 2014

Friendly civilizations

I don’t like exaggeration concerning the visit of the president to China. Yet, it’s an important visit, but not historical as many people claim. Ousted president Morsy has also visited China.

China is a major economic player in the world, and we are in bad need to its support and investments. This comes as we can’t depend on America or Russia. We have to get the support of countries like China and India.

During his visit to China, President al-Sisi invited four major Chinese tourism companies, which means open promising and strong tourist market before the Egyptian tourism.

There is no doubt that the Chinese tourists deserve much more attention by tourism makers in Egypt. The Chinese people have such great civilization and do appreciate ours. Yet, they should visit Egypt and enjoy our monuments. Turkey controls Russian tourism, which means they won’t recover soon concerning the Russian tourists.

We have to open new tourism markets and find new economic allies. We can also benefit from their development in technology that they can fix our power plants and solve our problems.