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  • Monday ,22 December 2014

Be Positive

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,22 December 2014

Be Positive
As the fight still on, people keep working, hoping and fighting, but the opposing guys still try to break their will, they still try to make others see the half empty cup not the portion that we, all Egyptians, try to feel!
Yes, they still fantasize Egypt is run by a military entity which will impose any thing and every thing, not the will of the people who went restlessly every where every time they were ask to go out express their will, on 30th June they revolted, on 26th of July they authorised the army to fight back terrorists, the went out to elect whom they finally trusted to lead the country out of the dark black tunnel Morsy took us into it.
The enemy, the terrorists and the conspirators on Egypt’s unity would not accept defeat after defeat, they tried plan B, then C and would not give up, and the new trend after the court released Mubarak and declared him innocent from the blood of the Egyptians who died demanding freedom, bread and social justice, true the January 15th was not initially a revolution; just a stand up against excessive powers and abuse of police forces that lasted for over 60 years due to passivity and negative attitude of Egyptians, but it has come the time to put a stop on this passivity!
Those who claim the country will never progress and things will never change or improve, yes they will not improve with you standing passive, looking at the dark side of any thing and crying misery, this is not the solution. 
I know we are all humans, subject to temptations, some might fall into wrong doing, but if we all cry misery for that fallen guy no correction will ever take place, we need to expose those guys their place is not among us, and they need to leave their sits for someone who cares of this country! The leaders can not lead the march if they have to keep looking backwards for wrong doing, but this is the duty of the followers, they do not have to look backwards, the wrongdoing is just there in front of them all they have to do is expose those guys!
Ex-president R.I.P. Nasser was a true lover of Egypt, the people he trusted were not up to that stand of trust, and they did abuse this trust till ex-president Sadat R.I.P. took them off power in the so called to corrective revolution removing the guys that protected themselves with the walls of power. They pushed Egyptians to the corners of fear, despair, and passivity. And overtime passivity and negative reaction becomes the norm of those people, they look in dismay the corruption of the officer who takes bribes to do his job or close his eyes on abnormalities, but they still pay bribes rather than exposing him or reporting him, to whom they would report him if his chief officer was as much corrupted as him if not more!
R. I.P. ex-president Sadat was not better, his unique well doing action was the decision of October 1973 war the one and only victory over Israel since its creation proving that nothing lasts forever!  
But he as well got bad company and in all that the people of Egypt took again or better say resumed their passive attitude; When young optimists students including Sabahi and Abu el-Fotouh –who were then just young students with great ambitions- tried to discuss in an open mind serious matter, the dictatorship of Sadat overcome his pretended calm and shouted on them to respect his position as the president of head of the Egyptian family! 
Which family was he talking about? The one he never respected and tried to enforce within them the devil brotherhood –ex known as Muslim brotherhood-? It is not this family that he left them kill each other in the first ever known sectarian violence? Yet another reason to push Egyptians to the corners of fear?
Well I’m not going to talk more about the reasons that led Egyptians to the passivity and careless attitude, for over 60 years, I’m going to talk of the future of this country we all love, loved, and will keep loving.
Out of love, Egyptians took the stand demanding ex-president Mubarak, to step down, not all who stood in Tahrir square specially who died there did it as traitors or for hidden agendas!
Most of them and many more come out again on 30th of June and 26th of July then the presidential election and voted for the new constitution out of LOVE TO EGYPT!
Now it is time to start a new start, the president we trusted to lead this country out of the dark tunnels we found ourselves in them, can not do it all alone, he needs our hands to push him forward, to protect him and above all, to correct his path if he as a human falls in the wrong path.
We need to attract our attention, that our president who so far proved to be a true Egyptian who loves Egypt, if his people, the people who trusted him and elected his president to lead the country out of its crisis, if those people remain passive like with Nasser or Sadat, we risk to create a new dictator, so each and every one of us should stay awake opened eyes and observe for any wrong doing to say STOP, and this will never happen if we remain passive with negative attitudes, time has come to be positive we need to leave a good memory to our children and grand children so that they will not curse us in the near future for this passivity!
I know passive attitudes were dictated to our parents out of fear to be expelled or jailed under the emergency laws that ex-president Mubarak  trusted guys in the parliament applauded and celebrated when they accepted its re-enforcement for just one –and renewable- year. In the past he who was not with the system –Nasser, Sadat or Mubarak- risked to be booked without any official charges, and this could last forever, but Egyptians finally rejected that, so keep your eyes open you, and she or he, remain aware and awaken for any and all wrong doing and nothing worst than loosing your freedom so keep it up
May the power of love overcome the love of power, and God keeps blessing Egypt and Egyptians.