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  • Monday ,15 December 2014

Egyptian Army

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,15 December 2014

Egyptian Army

Yes today’s article in consecrated to the Egyptians, your Son or Brother or Father, your Uncle or cousin or neighbour that is defending our land, culture, country and our whole existence with their live, our Egyptian Army!

As facts unfold and a lot of traitors were unmasked, their true identity as traitors was exposed with recorded videos or sound tapes, Egyptians lost faith in the people that stood firm demanding ex-president to step down! 
Regardless of the conspiracy, lots of those guys were acting on faith that it was time for Mubarak to step down seeing the wrong doing of a lot of people in power with Mubarak including the fake useless people assembly or the so called parliament! 
Historical background
When ex-president Nasser newly appointed by his colleagues officers that participated in the 23rd of July revolution he created the well known then revolution committee with all his colleagues as members expecting from his mates suggestions to help him run the country but, well they could not only provide any help, but they did expect to hear orders, the general assembly created later on was unable to provide any recommendations as his leader was unable to understand the purpose of this assembly, was it to provide wide lines to step within them for the future of this country or just to execute orders? Apparently the leader of this assembly chose the very wrong time to ask for directions as Nasser was facing the collapse of the union with Syria and all he could propose the creation of the National improvement or the so called –Mithac Watany-!
Socialism and the Soviet Union created new trends in addition to the well known threats of Muslim Brotherhood – or as I recently adopted their new nomination Devils Brotherhood- who attempted more than once to assassinate Nasser imposed a police state country increasing the fears of each one towards everyone, and the passivity of the Egyptian people got born leaving the country to be run by dictatorship leader, Nasser who was given the dictatorship through out his colleagues short hand and inability to provide guidance or even advise they thought their membership in the revolution committee was to be provided with Nasser’s orders, but even when differences raised they were solved by orders not discussions, and Nasser become dictator! On the other hand ex-president Sadat never pretended otherwise, he said it clear, he was the head of the Egyptian family and expected like any head of a family full obedience without discussions! When the young then students, Abou El Fotouh and Hamden Sabahi tried to talk to him were faced by his furious statement:- Back off you speaking to the president, the head of the family respect is due!
R.I.P. Sadat was assassinated and Mubarak took over a country collapsing due to the public passivity, seeing the wrong doing and staying put no objection not a word, so even people away from powers took advantage of this silence to make private profits, and for over 60 years poor people become poorer resources were either abused or directed to private profits until the people could no more accept this and stood up on 15th of January 2011!
Conspiracies and Revolution
The national security, and secret services of Egypt spotted and predicted this revolution they estimated it would take place later on may be on March or the birthday of Mubarak while rumours kept predicting Mubarak’s son Jamal would take over and he had not popularity, so it was expected some kind of revolution but the young Egyptians had other plans, they decided to show off their dismay of the police state country on the annual day of the police forces who stood for Egypt on January 15th against the British forces in a fierce battle that its memorial become the national day to celebrate with the police forces!
On their national celebration the people of Egypt stood to say: We are not happy we need BREAD, FREEDOM, and SOCIAL JUSTICE!
Spies and foreign agents expected and planned for this moment, the youth of Egypt stood up did their demonstration, a one day event and left, but the agents and conspirators were given the green light to go on and escalate matters! And the rest of the story we all know!
In conclusion 
True Egyptians ignited this revolution they were not traitors neither part of the conspiracy, if I were in Egypt I would had gone with them, but I did follow the events day after day until the final decision of Mubarak to step down was announced and I did re-Joyce the final outcome! Mubarak is out of the office and early elections were due! But nothing yet was settled events kept developing the wrong direction, no one still had a clear view of that conspiracy, we all thought matters are developing the wrong direction, how the hell he need democracy and we are going to embrace to worst ever dictatorship in humanity! The devil brotherhood is just executing the orders of the general guide without discussion, pure dictatorship! But because Egypt was blessed by God, no spies or conspirators could ever expect the revolution of 30th June 2013! This was again the people of Egypt again; but this time conspirators were taken by surprise unprepared to jump into the event like on 15th of January! And masks start falling down; the amount to conspirators took Egyptians by surprise again and lost faith on the 15th January 2011 revolution!
As I consider myself one of those January 15th revolutionists even thou I was not in place, I feel hurt when Egyptians give other names to that revolution; it is normal when true Egyptians who risked their lives then to feel upset and defend their cause!
However, we must not forget that there are still undiscovered or undisclosed conspirators that are still free at large and trying to use this to their best outcome by rumours, lies, and many more ways to make Egyptians feel disappointed! 
One of the ways to create rumours or make Egyptians feel low and disappointed from the Egyptian Army, the guys that defend us and thanks to them ISIS is far away from our territory, people who risk their lives for our safety and freedom they fight true fights with real ammunitions, not fighting with bright words, but real fights, so we owe those guys all due respect and solidarity!
Our fight against terrorism still going on and our president said it so many times: We are all in one man’s heart! What it means? Who is that man? Me? You? Not a chance this man is no other than the Egyptian People, his heart is their unity, the unity of Egyptians away from political or non political subdivisions, not religious or race divisions, we are all Egyptians having one goal Egypt to stand back on its feet!
So please God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians and help them achieve their goal!