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  • Friday ,12 December 2014

The North Sinai "crack down"

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,13 December 2014

The North Sinai

It seems like every time I read the news I see news about an extremist being killed by the military. I want to focus today on the amazing job our military is doing on exterminating the extremists and nobody is giving them their proper credit.


The military are on a very important mission. They have been working for only God knows how long in that desert to fight for our country. And it seems as though nobody is really paying attention to their work, except for a few articles here and there. 


I actually came across a video just a few weeks ago showing the army in their tour in Sinai. They were driving in search of the fanatics and literally had to deal with assailants who were hiding behind rocks or in the bushes or under the sand and honestly it's disgusting. When you think about the soldiers, their families their homes their children. You think about how brave and how courageous they must be to leave their family and serve their country.


The soldiers are up against something that is worse than imaginable. They are against people who are fighting to kill not only the enemy but they don't mind killing themselves too in the name of Allah. I just want to point out that I am so thankful for their hard work and for Sisi's mandate for them to go out and protect our country in a way that the citizens do not even realize. These extremists are deadly and they're causing destruction in North Sinai. If the soldiers are not successful in getting rid of all of these terrorists, the Egyptian community will for sure be the victims of the army's failure.


So I am glad when I read on the news that more extremists have been killed, not because I like killing, but because I am glad to know that there are people who are fighting for the well-being of the Egyptian citizens.