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  • Wednesday ,03 December 2014

Youth and loud voices

Ezzat Boulos

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Wednesday ,03 December 2014

Youth and loud voices

Egyptian media has failed to realize the needs of the Egyptian youth who seek raising standards of living under Mubarak regime. They used to see the corrupted rich people dreaming and achieving their dreams under Mubarak regime. Seeking better life, they demonstrated against Mubarak and his regime in January 25, 2011.

They demonstrated against an old regime that supported corruption and rubbish. Thus, they started to clean the streets hoping the minds will be clean as well.

The great positive power in the revolution was misused by media. It was described as a revolution of losses. Such suppression benefited the Islamic currents that describe their new revolution as protection to Islamic Sharia.

Yesterday, Mubarak and his men were acquitted which incited another revolution within the youth who were given no chance by the community and its media.

Egyptian youth are depressed because of stupid media and arrogance of the officials. Media should stop using loud voices away from hearing voices of the oppressed youth.