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  • Wednesday ,03 December 2014

UN voices concern over soaring human rights violations in Egypt

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Wednesday ,03 December 2014

UN voices concern over soaring human rights violations in Egypt

The United Nations human rights body has voiced concern over increased violations of human rights in Egypt and the lack of accountability for those violations.
In a statement on Tuesday, UN Human Rights spokesperson Rupert Colville said the UN is “deeply concerned about a number of recent developments in Egypt and their impact on freedom of expression, association and assembly” as well as “the seriously damaging lack of accountability” for those violations.
Commenting on the death of five people during Friday anti-government protests called for by the Islamist opposition, the statement called on authorities to “the seriously damaging lack of accountability,” stressing on “right to assembly in a peaceful manner.”
The statement also called for the release of 78 teenagers who were sentenced to between two and five years on charges of participating in unauthorized protests in Alexandria last week, arguing that the defendants were exercising “their rights to peaceful assembly.”
The statement also called upon the presidency to ensure thorough examination of a government-approved draft law that regulates the terrorist branding of organizations to “meet international human rights norms and standards.”
The statement also expressed anxiety over the continuation of military trials of civilians, noting that “at least 16 civilians are reported to have been tried in military courts since President al-Sisi issued a decree in October this year that allows the military to protect, along with the police, ‘critical and sensitive facilities’.”
The statement also revealed that the United Nations is following closely efforts to bring to justice those responsible for killing protesters during the uprisings that toppled former presidents Hosni Mubarak and Mohamed Morsy. It called on the government to ensure accountability “up to the highest levels.”