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  • Tuesday ,02 December 2014

Islamic atomic bomb and the Vatican

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,02 December 2014

Islamic atomic bomb and the Vatican
In 1928, Britain had manufactured the “Islamic atomic bomb” and threw it in Ismailia aiming to kill the Egyptian people and destroy their idnetity. This bomb aimed to destroy religion, identity, reason, and a large part of the Egyptian conscience. Later, the United States has developed the bomb to increase its destructive power by what is called “Arab Spring”.
The atomic bomb affected many Arab countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Libya and Yemen. Its radiations reached Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as well.
It was a miracle that God sent some powerful and wise man to save the country from such destruction. He neutralized the bomb, and then started construction.
God also sent patriot soldiers, police officers and judges to help the wise man, Abdul Fatah al-Sisi in his mission. He fought terrorism and the political Islam that was invented to cause massive destruction.
He also decided to visit the Vatican to find other ways to construction, development and fight fanaticism.
However, many traitors are doing their best to use media and human rights activist to destroy the nation and moderate Islam as well.
I pray that God may help the Egyptian president, give him strength and wisdom to accomplish the mission.