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  • Monday ,01 December 2014

Black Friday

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,01 December 2014

Black Friday

1st. I’ll apologise for last week’s article as I had to travel and was up to my neck getting ready to leave Egypt, my beloved country to UK where most of my family lives and I missed a lot being away from them so long!

Secondly this title Black Friday is not meant to be for Egypt’s Friday 28th. November 2014, but to my surprise I was told this Black Friday was in UK, I’m not aware if this is a local tradition I never heard of before a memorial Friday that has some meaning in UK or worldwide no idea what so ever!
As usual I did a search over the net for “What is Black Friday” this is what Wikipedia says:-
Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States (the fourth Thursday of November), often regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. In recent years, most major retailers have opened very early and offered promotional sales to kick off the holiday shopping season, similar to Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth nations. Black Friday is not a holiday, but California and some other states observe "The Day After Thanksgiving" as a holiday for state government employees, sometimes in lieu of another federal holiday such as Columbus Day.Many non-retail employees and schools have both Thanksgiving and the day after off, followed by a weekend, thereby increasing the number of potential shoppers. It has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005, although news reports, which at that time were inaccurate, have described it as the busiest shopping day of the year for a much longer period of time.
As I left Egypt and for 48 continuous hours without net or news of any kind let aside the news from Egypt I worried about what I read on the net before leaving Egypt, a lot was said about the expected riots and demonstrations expected on 28th. Just to ignite another -Islamic- revolution. Deep inside my heart I knew this was just to set back true caring Egyptians, and still lot of people see Mubarak as the sole responsible person for all the poverty, sickness, housing, jobless, ... issues all problems that we all directly or indirectly participated in their existence in our life!
Yes, we all somehow had to do with what life had become in Egypt, when I smoke a cigarette and throw the butt in the middle of the road I do participate in the dirts of Egyptian Streets, when I park my car 3rd. Row and pay 10 or 20 pounds to the police officer that is about to give me a ticket I participate in the corruption that we all want it to stop, when ex-president Nasser created the revolution comity, he expected from his co-revolution mates guidance and ideas on how to run the country, but they like the rest of the Egyptian people expected from him to tell them ideas the holly spirit inspired him, and when the people got disappointed from the over 60 years awaiting the miracles that will solve poverty problems, housing problems, ignorance problems due to lack of proper education and other accumulated disappointments they did the revolution and held ex-president Mubarak responsible for all their miseries!
When a person accepts the fact that ex-president Mubarak hands are free of the blood of the Egyptians who got killed upon the 25th. January 2011, but is still responsible of the people who die from the C-Virus this shows me how much unfair we are, is it Mubarak alone the sole responsible then why he nominated ministers of health, and education and ...
If I had issues with my low pay salary why I did not speak over? When he or she saw that manager misusing his powers to get benefits others would pay for them why he / she did not report them? 
If the country had fallen to its current status where were we all those years? Why we never complained?
This is my main issue with the results of the trial of the century and whomever is not accepting the straight away fact that we all did participate in what we suffer from today with our passivity or careless manners!
Mubarak times are over, he did what he has done, good or bad this is not on me to judge but sooner or later history will record the unbiased facts we have to accept he was a human not God, and had his mistakes and let go like we did with Nasser and all his mistakes, as well Sadat and all his mistakes as human we only remember his 1973 war victory and endless march for peace that cost him his own life!
Stop Looking backwards
As I said, being a 1950’s person I’m fully aware of the 1952 revolution its reasons its accomplishments and failures the 1952 revolution had its ups and downs and life goes on history is there to teach us from our mistakes so that we correct our path to achieve our goals and keep going from success to success not to keep looking backwards and cry misery on our mistakes! If ex-president Sadat had kept crying on our 1967 -6 hours- defeat we would had still been occupied by Israeli forces that invaded Sinai! 
We need to learn from that experience and the very first lesson we get is no one is error free, we need to keep our eyes open and let limited powers to our future presidents, limited service time and monitor his performance and that is why we need parliament a true parliament that directs the president not a parliament that is there to approve his decisions or market them like we always did! I recall how much enthusiastic the assembly general showed when ex-minister Habib El Adly requested the approval of extending the effect of emergency laws for one year renewable on time! This same law that is now strictly rejected while we fight alone terrorism!
People of Egypt, please let go of Mubarak trial, let him rest the remainder of his life without nonsense accusations that will not improve our current situation let us stay focus on rebuilding this country it is our own destiny our children will live in it when we have long ago gone and either they will bless our soles for living a country for them to develop or will curse us for being so stupid and giving them more problems to solve remember we are all going nothing remains eternal but God and his blessing to Egypt, may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians!