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  • Friday ,28 November 2014

The Art of Resistance

Hind Mukhtar

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Friday ,28 November 2014

The Art of Resistance

With the emergence of civilization, wars have appeared as well. Whenever abundance were found, people tried to seize such riches under many covers including the protection of the border, expansion or raising religious flags using one method: War.

During wars, many people are killed and injured. This could be among regular armies or gangs. Yet, the results are the same which is destruction, bloodshed and violation of human rights.

The worst wars in my opinion are those waged for religious reasons like crusade and Islamic wars.

However, art remains the best results of wars as there are people who resist weapons by music and dance. Standup comedy and jokes may be the best cure for pain of the wars. Story telling flourished with the terribleness of the wars with various recording methods like papyrus, stone or modern cameras.

Art has always been the best way to deliver human emotions. Everlasting love stories have been emerged during wars.

Last week, a celebration entitled “Cinema against Terrorism” on the sidelines of the Baghdad International Film Festival. Egypt and Morocco united against terrorism.

Singing and beauty are able to terrorize the terrorists. Arts are the best way to fight terrorism.