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  • Monday ,17 November 2014

We Are Still Here

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,17 November 2014

We Are Still Here
Yesterday, the Devils Brotherhood - My new synonym for Muslim Brotherhood in brief DB- I repeat the DB and their allies or affiliates or subdivisions published on the net a clip showing the massacre occurred 3-4 weeks ago at Karm Kawadis in Sinai massive explosions filmed from far away then when the second fatal explosion occurred they got the guts -knowing the explosion killed almost everyone- to continue killing the bleeding victims that were still alive! Is this heroism? We did not see a man to man combat, all we see coward traps bombs planned here or there killing innocent people sabotages on electricity supply towers, doctors deliberative attempts to let sick people die just because they are not members of the DB!
Where Are We Heading
Are we getting any better? On 1911 elections for the people assembly then presidential election or what was named elections we saw the nominee as candidate Hazem Abu Ishmael threatening Egyptians if they dig on his dual nationality or he fails the elections Egyptian streets will be covered in blood pools! Similar threats were issued from the supporters of DB candidate Morsy threats extended to blowing up Egypt, threats that actually took place several times, blowing up churches, police stations, army officers you name it! However Egyptians refused threats and stood one man to correct the path Pharaohs and their descendants still like their grand parents fiercely refuse defeats and conspirators on Egypt were soon in jail facing traitors’ charges!
Is it the end of the story? No way conspirators’ plans A, B, ... And Z, Z+, Z++ -and who knows how many more plans under the table- still going on Daech the Devils Believers, and Beit El Makdes Devils followers, and Hamas, Boko Haram, and different subdivisions of DB that are breaking apart countries in the Middle East, Africa all over around Egypt threatening Egyptian National Security that Egyptian Army and Egyptians ALONE are protecting! So, in this war on the terrorism the Egyptians Alone are fighting in it, it is mandatory to divide them!
One Heart ONE GOAL
The People of Egypt backing up Egyptian Army, Egyptian Police forces, and Egyptian people all one Man One Heart One Goal to rebuilt Egypt has to be broken apart to blow up Egypt and disappear from the world map as one single spot right in the heart of the world! We need to break apart people confidence in the police they do not defend Christians, they had been penetrated by DB the minister is a DB. The Army are biased to military people, the president as an ex-army officer is biased to the Army not the people of Egypt we need to stop supporting the Army. Media is exposing the weak points of the government they are biased to DB, why the guy that was going to work and blown up in the metro subway was published? Why the journalists of Egypt started a fight with the head of a sports club in Egypt? 
The media and news networks are doing their job letting people know the news, but without proper analysis, that is we do not need to mourn only the deaths of the victims in a car accident, or a coward explosion and setting up a factory in fire and the burnt people! We need proper analysis why this happened! 
Those news demoralise people, some are just scared they do not know where next victim will be and if they will not be that victim, that is the confidence in our security -the police number one duty- is broken, one more wall built between people and his defenders! 
Others get demoralised from seeing all efforts are gone in vain no way out, others are just being sad and even the unity of the people is BROKEN!
The war on Terror that USA allied with 20 countries estimated 2-3 years until they put an end to it, Egyptians alone are facing it!
Indeed the One Hundreds Miles Trip starts with just one STEP Egyptian stepped it on June 30th. Collapsing Economy is first step to take down a country, our economy was falling apart since 2011! Investors were the first to jump of the boat on 2011 and way before! Tourists gone economy suffers and no one pays attention! All attention is to politics who will run the country not HOW THEY WILL STOP ECONOMICAL FALL DOWN!
This policy is still trying to break apart our unity with political meaningless parties have just one goal that is a sit in the parliament, with one real intention to have things done above the law under the table with power regardless what is the law! This mentality should be brought to an end by the people not the laws! When the people learn to respect laws learn to stay in order, learn to keep their believes for themselves and keep working for the benefit of this country we might start raising up, we need that change we voted for it we need to make it work with true faith in out country open our eyes learn from our mistakes with open minds, not every criticism is meant to demoralise officials but just to show him the other side he as a human could not see? That is why we need advisers, two brains always work better than one, but this needs real love for what we are doing not to look for a promotion or who of us two will be the leader; we need to let go of selfishness for the benefit of this country, not just my own benefit, cause if the country stands back on its feet I’ll benefit doubtless from that progress.
I rest my case hopping my message was clear, we have one land, one path one future we need to remain one heart and keep going our path no set back by an explosion here or there a fire or car accident let each one do his job and keep working for the future in full faith that God Blessed this Country and its people may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians for ever and ever AMEN.