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  • Wednesday ,12 November 2014

Egyptian Valentine

Hind Mukhtar

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Wednesday ,12 November 2014

Egyptian Valentine
On November 4th, Egypt celebrates Valentine's Day, which was invented by Egyptian writer Mustafa Amin after he saw a funeral of a man, which very few people cared to attend.
At the Valentine's Day I decided to do something unusual by contacting all my friends, men and women, to wish them happy Valentine's Day. Yet, their reaction was but shocking to me.
Women said that we should wish each other a happy Valentine's Day since men have ignored to celebrate the day or show their love on such occasion. Men received my call by just wondering what the special event was at that day! 
Unfortunately, we can only think of romantic love when we mention Valentine's Day. We can't think of loving friends, family members, or even life, though the founder of the day didn’t mean to celebrate romantic love in this day. 
Depression and lack of desire to show love considering this less decency is a disaster indeed. 
It was so nice of a friend of mine that he bought flowers for all women in our group. However men denounced his act, I believe that all of us should do just like him.