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  • Friday ,07 November 2014

Egypt! What is happening?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,08 November 2014

Egypt! What is happening?
I think we can all agree that times right now are ridiculous. We are hearing about bombs going off, LITERALLY every day. We hear about protests, we hear about abductions, we hear about violence and killing and chaos. It leaves me with the question, which I yell quite loudly, EGYPT, WHAT IS GOING ON?
What happened to the common decency of people these days? Since when is it ok to hurt the people around you? Since when is it ok to attempt murder? Since when is violence the answer? I honestly could keep asking one hundred million questions, but the more I think about what is going on in Egypt right now, the more crazy I become. 
When I think about all these bad things happening, I not only think of the punishments that are necessary, but more so, I remember to back when we were children. When we did something bad, we were punished, but we were also forced to understand WHY what we did was wrong.
This may seem crazy, but I feel like our country is in a desperate situation right now. I think that the only solution is education on why violence and terrorism is wrong. We need to hear RIGHT MINDED people tell our youth the proper way to conduct themselves in society. 
We need more focus in school about educating the students on the difference between right and wrong. Even more, we need education in all the workplaces, teaching employees that when they have a problem to discuss it with their superiors, not go to the streets to protests. We need to clean up our streets from the garbage and filth that we are living in. If I woke up every morning and the first thing I saw was dirt and garbage around me, I will feel so enraged. 
We need education, and we need to treat out country with a little more respect and dignity. Then maybe we can see a difference than this garbage we have now, from the streets and from the dirty criminals.