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  • Friday ,07 November 2014

Not only security!

By Maged Samir

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Friday ,07 November 2014

Not only security!

Day after another, Sheikh Yasser Borhamy issues fatwa after another about Christians showing his great interest in his partners in homeland and in particular their inevitable destiny in hell as infidels!

He didn’t forget to repeat that even when blood of Christians and Muslims were mixed up in Sinai in the recent terrorist attack. As Egypt was mourning the victims of that very attack, Borhamy was bringing the bad news that Christian victims will never enter heaven.

He continues to repeat that Christians are going to hell no matter what happens, leading to worthless sectarian disputes and retardation.

Suddenly, we find sheikhs defending Christians who sacrificed their lives asserting they are to go to heaven as they died for their country.

I wonder when such talk about heaven and hell will come to an end! Let God to decide for Himself! Furthermore, education should adopt new curriculum and teachers as this sheikh has many disciples who adopt his sick teachings. Fighting terrorism is not only by police and security, but with education as well.