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  • Thursday ,06 November 2014

We support the army of traitors!

Gergis Wahib

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Thursday ,06 November 2014

We support the army of traitors!
The recent terrorist attack against Egyptian soldiers in Sinai proved that our army is waging a war against countries and international organizations that do their best to destroy Egypt. Such counties and organizations like Daash, al-Qaeda and Hamas who are still advocating the former president Dr. Mohamed Morsy as he promised to give them the land of Sinai before they sell them to the Palestinians. Countries like America, Qatar, Turkey and Iran are wishing no good for Egypt.
Had it not been for the divine care as well as the great Egyptian army, Egypt would have been waste with so many enemies. Yet, the friends have played an important role in supporting Egypt like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Jordan and Bahrain. Without them, we may have faced the destiny of countries like Iraq, Syria and Somalia.
I encourage the president to take the due measures in order to protect the country even against the public and private freedoms. I think it was a wise decision to evacuate the border zone in Sinai and remove the buildings that were used by the terrorists to smuggle weapons and terrorists who kill our soldiers. 
Anchors like Mahmoud Saad who don’t like such evacuation, receive a million pound per month and had supported the Muslim Brotherhood in the presidential elections. Unfortunately, he can’t see the great danger against our country as he may be busy counting his money!
I encourage the president to take whatever due measures in his war against terrorism including shutting down satellite channels and parties, especially if they are traitors. Furthermore, millions of the Egyptian people are willing to enlist in the army in order to fight terrorism as the Egyptians do support the Egyptian army and love it from the bottom of their hearts.