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  • Friday ,31 October 2014

All words, no actions

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,01 November 2014

All words, no actions
I look at recent news and see headlines such as, “73 referred to trial for burning church” or, “56 judges suspended from court” or even, “No agreements reached in Egypt.” All I see is Egyptian Authorities judging the guilty, but what I don’t seem to catch are actual decisions being made. 
How long will it take for these 73 church-burners to actually go to jail? Will these 56 judges eventually be allowed to practice their profession again? 
It is no secret that the actual acting upon court sentences take months or even years to happen, and at which point the sentence could be dropped all together due to the nature of the delay. I could be completely off-base, but I feel as though decisions are delayed as much as possible from fear, not because from lack of organization.
Unfortunately, Egypt is now in a situation, where all unfavorable decisions receive backlash in the form of destruction and rage. I’ve said many times before that when citizens are unhappy about even the most minor problem, they will take to the streets and protest. Or in case of the Muslim Brotherhood, rip everything to shreds as if they are peeling an onion, or tearing up paper. 
I honestly have sympathy for the Egyptian Authorities, and can see their hesitation to delay unfavorably sentencing, although criminals should be punished. I think that the court system needs to be more proactive about getting the criminals off the streets in a quicker manner, but I also can see that, for example, sentencing Morsi to life in jail, will undoubtedly cause chaos on the streets. 
I do not envy the role of the court system in Egypt. I just hope that Sisi will work hard to fix this flawed system.