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  • Thursday ,30 October 2014

The great politician responded to the demands of his people

Michel Fahmy

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Thursday ,30 October 2014

The great politician responded to the demands of his people

The Egyptian people witnessed very special relationship with the leader of the army, Field Marshal Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. The relationship grew stronger after the revolution of June 30 since he didn’t withhold his effort, time or money. Only terrorism and conspiracies disturb the relationship between the president and the people. 

The dispute came as the people were calling for the necessity of judging the terrorists before military courts, and the declaration of state of emergency to fight the enemies of Egypt. The president was planning to respond to such demands at the right time.

With many terrorist attacks against police and army, Egypt received support of many countries including the United States, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, China, European Union, United Nations and even the Vatican. Soon, the president issued a Presidential Decree to allow the army to secure the important public properties and treat them as military facility. Such law doesn’t target the honorable citizens, but rather the terrorists who destroy and kill. It also came according to the Egyptian constitution.

The war became very clear against terrorism. Police and army are under attack, and will fight back until they triumph.

We have never heard of a judge in a Military Court who has stepped down as he felt embarrassed. Military courts are the same as regular courts, except they have some privileges in the times of wars, and we are currently in a war against terrorism. Yet, the Egyptian media to realize all of this and work accordingly.