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  • Wednesday ,29 October 2014

Einstein and stupidity of Egyptian police

Mina M. Azer

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Wednesday ,29 October 2014

Einstein and stupidity of Egyptian police

When Einstein defined stupidity as repeating the same action expecting different results, he didn’t see the Egyptian police applying this rule concerning the bombing of Nahda Square, which was repeated twice in almost every single detail.

The officers didn’t learn from the mistakes of other officers serving at the same location and were targeted by bombs. They didn’t secure themselves and, therefore, can’t secure the people as well. They preferred to die instead of doing their job! What kind of negligence or madness is that?  
It’s a good idea to learn from our own mistakes, as well as mistakes of other people. Have our police lost their mind and reason as well. So, they can’t protect the nation as well as themselves. I can’t blame Interior Minister for every mistake, but it looks like such negligence and corruption became rooted in our people.
I’m sorry for those who died and injured, but the way they did arouses my anger more than sympathy as they looked so stupid. Moreover, the terrorists knew the cameras wouldn’t catch them for some reason!
Have we become so idiotic to repeat our mistakes in the same way? Have police completely lost their power and motivation to do their job? Look at so many bombings and assassinations that have occurred in few days, in addition to many bombings and fires!
Police are just watching their men die, not trying to take revenge or prevent new victims. Instead, they follow each other in mistakes till the end! This is so stupid!