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  • Monday ,27 October 2014

Mourning but Still FIGHTING!

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,27 October 2014

Mourning but Still FIGHTING!

When over 28 guys. Over 28 young men are blown away in cold blood we can only morn them, but we need a serious review to a lot of our policies, but first let us recap!

World wide news networks talked, and estimated that Egyptians Solders are the Number 1 not in force or technique or what so ever, but No. 1 in deaths due to terror attacks!
Since 26th. July 2013, the people of Egypt authorised Egyptian Army to fight terrorism, and Egypt started a new unique type of war where the enemy could be any one among us not a clear identified target!
On Friday 24th. October 2014 a unique coward attack left over 28 Egyptian brave men dead to morn them not just their families but the whole of Egypt!
Dots on the i’s
Let us face it, this was a lost battle by all means, but a battle is not the whole war that includes lots of battles victorious or lost! However, let us see the re-actions within just 24 hours past the event. 
1. Blow up the whole of Sinai on everybody!
2. Evacuate Sinai from its habitants and deal without mercy with terrorists.
3. Just host the next to the borders citizens else where till with deal with those terrorists.
Each and every proposition is rejected for the following reasons
All Sinai citizens, are Egyptians like me and you deserve all the attention of Egypt!
Evacuation is not possible as strangers might infiltrate within locals!
Which boarders are you talking about? The Gaza boarder or Israeli one or BOTH? What about Libyan or Sudan Borders?
Let us face it, Sinai people are those who defended Sinai upon the Israeli occupation of Sinai since 1967, and they did not stop being Egyptian, but like many more Egyptians they are human beings with all the weaknesses of many more human beings, some are too weak to resist threats when their lives are threatened or those whom they do love are exposed to a clear threat either they report an intruder and loose a dear, or close their eyes and remain alive; others are to weak to resist Templeton and become traitors, we can not blame and condemn all Sinai people for the sins a a few of them!
The president Sissi said it clear, foreign entities involved in that incident, this means non Egyptians, the closest non Egyptian is Gaza and immediately our eyes go there but how come they had very sophisticated weapons? 
1. Weapons not used in Egypt and can not be disguised as Egyptian Army’s weapons, therefore passing from Libya or Sudan through the Suez Canal to Sinai is a next to null chances!
2. With all attention paid to the Gaza boarders from the Army, and being impossible for such sophisticated weapon to pass from an underground tunnel, assuming this is rejected as well!
3. The only remaining boarder is the Israeli-Egyptian boarder but Egypt and since Camp David agreement is not at war with Israel, moreover, if such a weapon crosses Gaza boarder to Israel heading to Egypt, will be blown up by Israeli forces thinking this is an attack on them from Gaza! So how it came?
CNN documentary investigating the disappearance of illegal immigrants from Africa poor suffering counties under internal fight, when all doors of survival are closed poor hungry Africans seek food, jobs, and survival away from their countries! Heading west are facing endless Atlantic ocean, south another ocean north of Africa is not much better than their countries and farther to the north towords Europe is a long way to run! CNN could trace back those illegal immigrants up to Sudan then either took a sea transportation to Israel or through the desert of Egypt to Sinai to Israel. 
Illegal immigrant means no IDENTITY no official documents tracing back his trip, no official documents of his entry this country or exiting that one you can not officially investigate his path and where he ended up! Like CNN reporters, you need a lucky find to meet some one who met him talked to him and been told his next step; you need to be really lucky all the way to find back those guys and this means CNN uncovered an illegal line of trafficking illegal immigrants a whole under ground illegal world of trafficking all kids of illegal activities including the black market of human parts to transplant!
Illegal underground traffic means a citizen from country A deals and brings illegal trade from country B that is in other words he deals with another citizen from country B, to make the story short, from the end of the story an illegal immigrant heading to Israel from Sinai mast deal with an Egyptian who will deliver him to an Israeli citizen or in clear words Israeli citizens are still humans and among them corruption! 
To the best of my views and this is just a personal analysis, the foreign hands behind the attack of Faruary 24th October 2014 can by no mean exclude Israel being behind that sophisticated weapon attack!
I rest my case at this point and return to my place behind each and every true Egyptian who rejects failure and stands tall holding this country to the final victory, may God keep blessing Egypt and Egyptians!