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  • Friday ,24 October 2014

We are all Egypt’s Army?

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,25 October 2014

We are all Egypt’s Army?
The last attack on the Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai aiming to destroy not the Egyptian Army but Egypt itself, it is the time to say to the terrorists that all Egyptian is Egypt’s Army. It is the time to put all our conflict a side and focus only on one thing which is fighting the terrorism. 
The terrorism attack that happened in sinai showed without any doubt that the terrorists get some help from foreign elements, the way they did it seems very professional in doing terrorism attack. 
When we read what happened we will figure out that a car went into a tank and central point for security and then bomb the car on the security center, but what is the worse that when some soldiers went to figure out what happened, they attacked also and they found some terrorists waiting to attack and kill them.  
The operation itself means that they are not aiming to only attack but to kill as much as they can, which means that the enemy became more stronger than before and that means that they are more trained and getting more money and facilities than before. 
From the other side the army should change its strategy and tactics while fighting against this terrorism, because this kind of terrorism seems different than before, because now they are more stronger and they have more facilities than before.  
Egyptian people should be united at this time, they should shed all their fears and their conflicts away to achieve only one goal which is keeping the country united.