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  • Wednesday ,22 October 2014

Egypt and crazy terrorism

By Abu Nakad Sarie

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Wednesday ,22 October 2014

Egypt and crazy terrorism

Is there terrorism in Egypt? Since when? Does Egypt export or import terrorism? Is Egypt fighting terrorism seriously? Is there somebody to answer such questions?

Let me try to answer them starting from the seventies of the last century when I was introduced to politics that drove me crazy and will drive you the same.

Terrorism in Egypt started at the seventies of the last century and at higher rates than any other country. Almost every week we heared about a terrorist attack. Only Iraq, Syria and Yemen exceled Egypt later. Terrorism against the Copts comes under the auspices of the state.

However, the attacks reached police and army after the terrorists realized the Copts are priceless. Destruction and chaos reached everywhere all over Egypt that we can find terrorists among all categories of people including professors, lawyers, policemen, thugs, workers, doctors and businessmen.
Now, after reviewing such amount of terrorism and saboteurs, nobody can deny the great danger against our country. Has the government taken the due measures to save the country, or even to analyze the situation?

The answer of the above questions is easy and simple, but requires boldness and courage from individuals and the state as well. The reason of such terrorism is the inflammatory curriculum and fatwas that calls the others infidels that should be killed and robbed. This because the state has an official religion to support its followers!

Has anything changed in the curriculum? Has the religoius speech changed? Are the Egyptians treated equaly before the constitution and law? Has media changed its speech? Those are the fuel of the incitement that works 24-7! Terrorist organizations will never disappear before such fuel is controlled.