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  • Tuesday ,21 October 2014

Pro-Morsi students clash with Egyptian police in Cairo

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Copts and Poliltical Islam


Tuesday ,21 October 2014

Pro-Morsi students clash with Egyptian police in Cairo

Egyptian students supporting deposed president, Mohamed Morsi, have clashed with Egyptian security forces in the capital, Cairo.

On Sunday, clashes broke out after pro-Morsi students at Qasr al-Ayni Medical School staged a protest and chanted slogans against top authorities of the military-installed government as well as army forces.

Cairo's residents also joined the scuffles and set barricades on fire.

Pro-Morsi students said their protests are aimed to prove to the incumbent Egyptian government that their movement is still alive.

They also called on the government to immediately release all the students detained during anti-government protests.

Egypt's university campuses have witnessed regular protest rallies since Morsi’s ouster in a military coup led by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the current president and the former head of the armed forces, in July 2013.

More than 1,000 students have been arrested since the government launched a crackdown on pro-Morsi supporters last year, many of whom have been handed harsh jail terms in mass trials. Officials also say more than 500 students were expelled or suspended for alleged “rioting.”

Since last summer, Egyptian authorities have intensified security at universities across the North African country to prevent student protests.

At least 16 students were killed in campus protests last year as police battled with pro-Morsi students, according to the watchdog group, Student Watch.