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  • Friday ,17 October 2014

It's Not Your Business! (Part II)

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,18 October 2014

It's Not Your Business! (Part II)
Here’s the problem in Egypt now: the electricity cut? Protest!!!!! You don’t like your schedule in the university and want an excuse to delay your studies? To Tahrir!!!! You think your wife cooked you bad meat? Gather the protestors and paint the signs!!! 
It doesn’t work like this. We can’t protest without trying to fix the problem with a mutual discussion first. What if the Government is trying their best to deal with the energy crisis in Egypt now? What if the teachers are coming to University and teaching as they’ve been taught? What if your wife just needs a recipe to follow to make the meat taste good?
How will anything ever get solved we just go and yell about it? Where is the “trying”? Where is the “hardwork” that goes into building a community? 
So for Sisi to crack down on the meaningless protests that are happening every 5 minutes is not bad! Why are the Human Rights Activists saying they are disappointed in Sisi’s actions? Should Sisi allow for any changes to be made just because a tiny, small group of people want it? If you have 30 people who believe that it is time for everyone to wear a niqab, should Sisi listen to these 30 people and forsake all other millions?
Don’t you think it is fair for Sisi to say, “Stop you guys. It is ridiculous and you should not protest”? It is fair. We can’t have protests every 5 minutes. Where is the progression of society? Where is the working community?
This brings me back to the title of the article. To all those media outlets saying protesters have a right to protests: I say shame on you! You are promoting chaos and stunting the growth of the country! Human Rights organizations do not know the stress and intelligence required in running a country towards a better tomorrow. So shame on you! If you don’t know what the mechanism is behind an action, you have no business speaking about it. The west has no idea how much suffering Egypt is going through right now, and can’t even imagine it. So for anyone to criticize what’s happening right now, is very ignorant. 
Mind your own business, and focus on your own problems around you rather than condemning a man who is doing his best to move a country forward!