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  • Wednesday ,15 October 2014

62 Egyptian Fishermen detained in Yemen

By The Cairo Post

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Wednesday ,15 October 2014

62 Egyptian Fishermen detained in Yemen

The Foreign Ministry confirmed that 62 Egyptian fishermen were seized in Yemen after entering its territorial waters.

Yemeni authorities arrested three Egyptian boats 20 maritime miles away from the Yemeni coast, said the head of the Egyptian Fishermen Syndicate in Suez Bakry Abu Hassan.

The Egyptian ministry is following the situation of the Egyptians there to release them, and warned against approaching the borders of any country, Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel-Atty said in the statement.

“The Yemeni prosecution started investigations into the incident in coordination with a committee from the Yemeni Ministry Fisheries to check the amount of fish,” Atty added. He added that the Egyptian ambassador to Sanaa Youssef al-Sharqawy is contacting the Yemeni concerned bodies to quickly release the fishermen and the boats.