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  • Friday ,10 October 2014

Monkey in a circus

By: Mohamed Abdul Magied

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Friday ,10 October 2014

Monkey in a circus

News media has converted people into animals who live in a circus. The poor animals are moved by their trainer to see and do whatever he or she wants.

In fact, people have no choice anymore to pick up the news they want as they have to consume whatever presented by news media. However, have you ever thought about whom makes a decision to concentrate on or even ignore certain story or news? Indeed, it’s either authority or money.

Last week, we were busy thinking about a celebrity who passed away, an attack on Syria, and the marriage of George Clooney. Soon, we will be busy about a statement by an Arab official, the release of Egyptians detained in Libya thanks to smart mediator.

We will be always busy thinking about what mass media offers us to convert us to animals in the great circus. Don’t tell me you pick your own news away from their menu, as I confess I’m one monkey in that big circus!