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  • Monday ,22 September 2014

Destiny or Coward?

J.M Fahmy

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Monday ,22 September 2014

Destiny or Coward?
Some time two, three or more years ago, I wrote in article of the day an overview of the world “Copt” and how the Greek name of Egypt –Εγηπτως pronounced Egyptos- and Egyptian –Εγηπτιως pronounced Egyptios- it developed from the non Greek speaking people you pronounce words as you hear them so it became Copt meaning Egyptian! Note the origin is Latin, in English –Latin origin- name is exactly Egypt same spelling different pronunciation! Moreover in another Latin origin language French it is still Egypt! 
But I still fight almost daily with Christian Egyptians and Muslim Egyptians about the meaning of Copt that developed over time to be bound only to Christian Egyptians excluding Muslims those guys when speaking of COPTS they do mean the narrow section of Christian Egyptians, Not the real meaning of the world!
Today, knowing well the real meaning of Copts, I’m going to speak of the narrow meaning of it the Christian Egyptians or Christian.
Christian religion calls for forgiveness, asks you to bless everyone –including those who curse you- in brief to expand your love to all people, not just the Christians or non Christians! However, some misunderstanding is tangled in here, when sectarian violence breaks and atrocities happen we hear a lot about forgiveness, and love but this is not forgetting your rights or asking for justice!  I forgive you insulting me or even slapping me but if you kill my daughter, or steal from my business and damage it, this is you break the law and it has nothing to do with forgiveness, it is my right to bring you to justice! This is the difference!
Fanatics and racists exist everywhere it is not written on Christians not to be Fanatic, or not Racists, no Jews or Muslims are excluded from being Fanatic, or Racist that is why laws existed to protect minorities, in place A you are a majority, but place B you are minority, so your right are bound by laws and asking for your rights it is not a sign of not forgiving!
Christians in Egypt being a minority face lot of injustices, and if someone has the guts to ask of his rights, he will be a lone Christian in a court of Muslims it is a Muslim judge who will grant or deny those rights, some might be pessimistic enough to jump into conclusions expecting a non fair trial or judgment, forgetting that Christianity survived in Egypt thanks to the love and solidarity of their Muslim brothers in Egypt, who most likely were still believers of Amoun the great God or Nefertiti Goddess or even poor Christians unable the pay the Guezia and had to convert under pressure.
Few months ago, Ph.D. Michel Fahmy said it clear and bolt: - We Copts are cowards! He Ph.D. Michel like the majority of Egyptians forgot that Copts = Egyptians and he were meaning Christian Egyptians or Christian Copts!
The reason of that statement was a conference followed a recent sectarian violence spread in a village and all victims decided to migrate to either other village or other country! But disasters happen every where without warning, look in Japan, tsunamis, floods, and seism happens suddenly without warning like in tornados or hurricanes were weather conditions and watching predicts its happening and even its path! How many Japanese migrated to more secure lands, and how many American citizens left the states to a place far away from Hurricanes? 
If forgiveness and love the teaching of Christianity calls to let go of your right, how you explain Jesus behaviour when he defended the rights of the House of God that was invaded by thieves and tricky merchants? 
Is it our destiny we Christian Copts to let go of our right or a coward excuse under covered with the word forgiveness? 
I rest my case wishing you all God’s blessings may his mighty keep blessing Egypt!