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  • Thursday ,18 September 2014

Supporters, opponents to stage protests during Sisi's UN debut


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Thursday ,18 September 2014

Supporters, opponents to stage protests during Sisi's UN debut

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi could see protests by his opponents and supporters when he marks his first attendance at the United Nations General Assembly's 69th session during the period of 21-25 September.

The Free Egyptians Party said its supporters would stage welcoming protests outside the UN building in New York during Sisi's visit.
The party's expats affairs secretary, Nader al-Sharqawy, said they would lobby supporters from New York and other states for the event.
"We know that the international body (of the Muslim Brotherhood) would use the event against Egypt," he said. "Egyptians would not hesitate to receive President Sisi and voice support for him throughout American media."
Meanwhile, an official at the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party said they would stage protests against Sisi's visit.
On his facebook page, Abdel Mawgoud Dardiry, a member of the FJP's foreign affairs committee, said, "The free people of the Egyptian community in New York and New Jersey will protest against Sisi's UN appearance."