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  • Monday ,11 August 2014

The Arab Spring or Islamic Spring?

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,11 August 2014

The Arab Spring or Islamic Spring?

Countries across the world are watching as each of the Arab countries try their shot with “democracy.”  We have been in a revolution since 2011, and, in my opinion, we are not progressing at all. Yes, I understand changing a whole country takes time, years, years and years. In the past 3 years however, we are in the exact same state, if not worse, than where we started.

Each country, I’m sure just as Egypt, had hopes and dreams. The youth were longing for a better future, and a brighter tomorrow. They put time and effort into gathering people, and stayed countless nights protesting for their future. Nobody can deny that their tenacity and persistence was amazing.

Unfortunately, that’s where it ends. It’s not that they didn’t have pure intentions. Really it’s a matter of numbers and methods. Protestors came out to Tahrir, and the whole world applauded the citizens for their bold actions to overthrow their dictator. Here’s the problem: we have two groups, I would say, the pure-intentioned, and the mini-dictators. The pure-intentioned group were the ones fighting for their freedom, not just Egypt, but in other Arab countries too. The mini-dictators are the ones who hijacked the protests and when things didn’t turn their way, created chaos and tragedy.

So, how did this happen? The problem is, good is supposed to always win. That’s what we learn in our childhood. So why did the pure-intentioned fail? I believe in the long run, there is still a chance. However, the mini-dictators were and are dirty. They lured innocent protestors with basic needs like food, water, and in exchange stole their pure intentions. So now we have the pure-intentioned being victimized and tricked into fighting for something that was not their dream.

So the fight ended, yay, democracy, with one severe flaw. The flaw being the mini-dictators want to be dictators! So they didn’t get their way? No problem, they don’t care about the country, they don’t care about the pure-intentioned, they want what they want and that’s it.  So that means that any pure-intentioned work and progress made, has been, and will be erased by all the bad actions of the mini-dictators, the bombs, the killing, the violent protests etc…

All this time, the world only sees a struggle for freedom, and for some reason, failure. What they fail to see is this has not been an Arab Spring. This has not been a successful attempt at democracy, this has been a hijacking, much worse than any airplane damage or building damage, this is damage to a whole country.