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  • Friday ,08 August 2014

Daash in Egypt

Mina M. Azer

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Friday ,08 August 2014

Daash in Egypt

Daash terrorist organization vows to target Egypt soon by the slaughter of Egyptian people. The announcement did not specify the target, but considered the way of killing as slaughter. This shows us that their favorite bloody way of killing.

Of course, Daash knows that it's the most brutal organization among its counterparts in the region, and I believe is very happy for that.


They promised to publish a video for the slaughter of those Egyptians. In fact, there are many terrorists who use slaughter for killing their victims like al-Qaeda and many terrorists in Iraq. Why don't they just announce their presence in Egypt, which we will believe right away!


They may appreciate Egypt and seek more "glory" by opening they branch here, or they seek satisfaction of their masters who should pay them more money in case they start working in Egypt.

Let's think it over. Daash can cooperate with any of its counterparts in Egypt to carry out such bloody operation and announce its branch in Egypt. Furthermore, any terrorist can slain a victim and videotape his crime. In short, it doesn't need all such poppycock to claim having a branch of Daash in Egypt.


We have already many terrorist organizations working in Egypt. Yet, the Egyptians will reject you and your crimes forever.