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  • Thursday ,07 August 2014

A little donation

Hind Mukhtar

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Thursday ,07 August 2014

A little donation

It’s known that Egyptian people prefer to pay alms and donations during the holy month of Ramadan. This is the season of sweets, banquets, TV series and donation advertisement in Egypt.

Since the beginning of the holy month, we have been watching more than 20 charity organizations and hospitals. All of them are asking the viewers to donate for them as they are in bad need for such donations. However, those ads cost millions of Pounds that should have been paid for the needy.
For those who always talk about the reputation of Egypt all over the world, don’t they find such ads distorting such reputation? They only show the poor and sick Egyptians who eat from the trash. 
From the other hand, there are many ads for luxury villas, wonderful compounds, tourist resorts and luxury cars. There is nothing in between!
Such ads divide the Egyptian community to two huge segments. The middle class erodes and much charity is due.