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  • Tuesday ,05 August 2014

The untold story in Egypt

Michel Fahmy

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Tuesday ,05 August 2014

The untold story in Egypt
In a memorable day in the modern history of Egypt, Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took the oath of office on Saturday to become Egypt's first freely elected President and its first head of state.
"I swear by the Almighty God to sincerely preserve the republican order and to respect the constitution and law, and completely care for the people's interest" is the oath of office taken by all senior officials of the state.
However Article 54 of the constitution that they promised to respect states that religious parties are not accepted, many religious parties are still working freely on the ground like Freedom and Justice party and al-Nour ultra conservative party that has been officially participating in all dialogues and events since the revolution of June 30. 
Additionally, other Islamic parties have not been yet dissolved yet and are still working like construction and development Party, Egyptian virtue Party, the Reform and the Renaissance Party, the Salafi Renaissance Party, and the new Umma Party.
All of these are religious parties that work as political arm of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda, Hamas and Daash, and are being supported by international organizations and countries like Israel, America, Qatar and Iran.
The Islamists are aiming to establish the illusionary Islamic caliphate, by destroying all countries in their way like Egypt and Saudi Arabia. These parties are like explosive bomb that threaten the future of Egypt and the region every single moment. Now, how about the constitution that leaders of this nation have promised to preserve and respect?