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  • Friday ,01 August 2014

Shut up America!

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,02 August 2014

Shut up America!

The foreign spokesman for the United States claimed that Egypt used American military aid to suppress the demonstrators. Once again, the United States wants portray the same tone it had used for Iraq, Syria and Libya. The United States wants to destroy the Egyptian army, or at least that’s what it seems like. In my opinion, America is acting in such a way that makes me feel as though they doesn’t want any strong army presence in the Middle East. 

I believe that the US is intimidated with the fact that Egypt’s army still exists. Egypt isn’t by any means the strongest army in the world, but we difeinately have a presence compared to other already developed countries in the world. 

If we take a look at other countries around us, we can see they are all torn apart with no leader, and no progress. I believe it is accurate to say that Egypt is among the only remaining countries in the Middle East that is not under the control of America, and is geniunley trying to make progress in its economy, political systems, and social enviornment. The US had invaded Iraq, and now look at the tragedies that is happening. It is not an overstatement to say Libya and Syria, even Tunisia are all enduring turmoil that is looking pretty horrific. 

I cannot deny that Egypt is facing issues of its own with clashes between groups, and problems among sects, but we are not at the point of life or death. We are struggling, yes, but the struggle is to move onwards and upwards, not a war to prove a point. We have fought for our counrty, and protested for what we want Egypt to look like, furthermore, we have done so with pure intentions. 

Egypt is facing its own problems with unhappy groups of people, but we are trying to make improvements, and we cannot deny that Sisi is governing this country with as much caution and care as he can muster. 

If, by any strange turn of events, America sees it fit to interfere with Egypt’s affairs, I believe that it will mark the end of any progress in Egypt, and mark the beginning of a new Iraq, a new surpressed society, a new breed of terrorism and poverty mixed together. America has no business getting involved in any Middle Eastern country, and I believe that because Egypt is on the right path to a peaceful and prosperus future, America sees us as a threat to world dominiance. I hope that the world can see quickly how the US is like a selfish, badly behaved, little child craving attention, but to what extent?