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  • Friday ,01 August 2014

Groups of Intellectual Tatars

Aiman Gohary

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Friday ,01 August 2014

Groups of Intellectual Tatars

If great speeches and much talk really count, the Arab nation would have been the most powerful all over the world. Unfortunately, we talk much, but work less. Our thinking has deteriorated and our minds are far from open.

There are groups of intellectual Tatars invading our minds trading on Islam. However, we surrender to them and support them. Those groups are clearly groups of political Islam.

The choice will remain a civil state in Egypt, but as long as those Tatars are fighting for their distorted ideas and Islamic Caliphate, our civil state will remain threatened. Their bloody ideology should be exposed and fought before it takes over our minds and return once again to power.

Now, it’s time to think and think. Thought is the upcoming leader for our behavior. Fixing our thinking should fix our behaviors, reality and future as well.