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  • Friday ,25 July 2014

America, Iraq is already empty of Christians!!!

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,27 July 2014

America, Iraq is already empty of Christians!!!

Everyday the situation becomes clear that the plan is to evacuate the  Middle East from Christians. in 2003 and also after eleventh of September 2001, the ex-president George Bush delcared war against Iraq and said that this war will be the key to democracy in the Middle East. And at this time, I wrote many articles against the war in Iraq, where I witnessed many writers supporting this war.


I was always against war in Iraq. Not because I liked Saddam or I liked the idea of Dictatorship, but because I don’t believe that Iraq will have a peaceful alternative after this war happens. I believe that the consequences afterwards would be terrorism and violence all over Iraq, and unfortunately, I was correct.


George Bush had promised the Middle East prosperity and peace. What happened after is for sure against what he had promised. Iraq is now practically void of Christians, and not only Christians, but also void of the Christian history. Daash had asked monks in the monastery to leave. Daash is just a sample of what could happen not only in Iraq, Syria and Libya, but also in Egypt. 


I wonder about the honest reaction from the US itself concerning what is happening in Iraq. Furthermore, what is the position of UNESCO regarding the historical monasteries in in Iraq? Even more than that, what is the position of the international community regarding what is happening in Iraq?


Alot of Copts were blaming the Pope for not using the US as a tool to stop the persecution against the Copts in Egypt. I am, personally against asking for any kind of support from the United States because this country doesn't care about anything except its own interest. 


America is a bad example of human rights and defending minority groups. America is a country that has lost a lot of its credibility. The  United States is the reason for alot of the chaos happening nowadays in the Middle East and it will continue like that unless we figure out a new international system of handling crises.