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  • Friday ,25 July 2014

Christians of Mosul

By: Dr. Adly Anis

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Friday ,25 July 2014

Christians of Mosul

Mosul is a historical city located in northern Iraq and dates back to nearly six centuries before Christ. It received Islam in 637. About 25.000 Christians lived in Mosul before most of them were displaced during the last few years.  

Christians in Iraq have suffered from persecution from time to time, but Daash decided to displace them or put an end to their lives.  

For the first time in its history, now the city has no Christians as they fled to neighboring cities such as Hook and Erbil, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. They left behind the ancient churches and their dear homes and properties.  

What about the democracy claimed by America? In fact, we live in a world of no inhuman. Masks are everywhere; America is claiming democracy but indeed supports the terrorists and Daash is claiming Islam when they kill innocent people and spread destruction everywehre.  Evil is spreading all over the world like a farce that is presented once in Gaza then in Syria...etc.