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  • Wednesday ,23 July 2014

Being silent while Christians are being displaced in Iraq

Aziz Hafez

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Wednesday ,23 July 2014

Being silent while Christians are being displaced in Iraq

This is the first outcome of the suspicious conference in Oman. Iraq is witnessing ethnic cleansing as Christians are currently being displaced after the Shiites. Yet, the whole world is holding its peace. Other events are drawing the attention of the whole world like the Malaysian plane and attacking Gaza.  People are watching and hoping for bright future is becoming unlikely.

Only death and conspiracies can be found everywhere in Iraq.   Ethnic cleansing is currently the real disaster in Iraq. Shiites and Christians are disappearing in Mosul. Many cities are occupied though 8.000 leaders of  Daash have already been killed.   What a tragedy to be displaced from one's home country and suffer from one's memories in his or her demolished city.

It hurts even more to find the whole world holding its peace and ignores such crimes!  This is a big move to the planned division, but the politicians only care about their interests and bank accounts. They never see the suffering of many people being displaced from their homes.   

Unfortunately, the national alliance in Iraq decided to dedicate its time to fight al-Makly instead of defending those persecuted Christians.   Division, blood, pain is all what can be found in Iraq. It's so sad that all hope in bright future has been lost. Now, Christians in Iraq are oppressed and killed.